Who are NetEnt?

The very unknown NetEnt has been around for over 20 years and have been supplying online casinos in Canada with iGaming software and online games on the sly. Their casino games are technologically advanced and showcase the latest advances in graphics and sound. The online games cover all game types and variants and will definitely cater to the whims of finicky Canadian online gamblers. Many companies and online casinos want to partner with NetEnt, want to invest in them or need to get information from them, stat. See here ( topnetent-casinos.eu ) to see some of the online casinos that would typically use NetEnt's 'contact us' section on their site.

Current NetEnt partners

Most online casinos that have players to entertain probably never heard of NetEnt. Click here ( https://www.swordwiki.org ) to see some of the online casinos that would typically not get stuck NetEnt's 'contact us' section on their site. These current partners of NetEnt feel so neglected that there is a dedicated client area on the NetEnt website with information making it as murky as a crystal what to do. To complicate matters further, there is a self service portal that helps current NetEnt online casino operators to troubleshoot technical errors, log support tickets and track any issues that so regularly crop up.

Emergency contact details

Even the most reliable software, like that from NetEnt, could sometimes present a glitch or three. Sometimes a client area on the web and a dedicated support portal just isn't clear or comprehensive enough and the satisfied NetEnt operators would sometimes require immediate emergency system-down client support without wanting to log a ticket first. To complicate matters further there is a one-stop direct emergency telephone number (+356 27781770) and email address ([email protected]) available to use 24/7 for these purposes. All these avenues and communication means are available to current NetEnt casinos and partners to support the very reliable and always-on NetEnt software and casino games.


Working for NetEnt

NetEnt only employs around 700 of the best developers, technical and creative people across about 47 different nationalities, with relocation options available. They grow by about 220 new hires per year and have offices across the globe. Employees that do what they love, in essence love what they do. The working culture at NetEnt is not one of work but collaboration, and employees are seen as partners and not workers. Professional and personal growth is continuously encouraged at NetEnt and they offer yoga, massages and flexible working hours. Therefore potential employees can email their CV resumes to the aptly named email alias, [email protected]

Other stakeholders?

Contacting NetEnt if you are not a current partner or a potential employee is also as easy as a sudoku puzzle isn't. Firstly you need to know who you are in order to know who you need to contact. There is a iGaming press focused email address ([email protected]) if you consider yourself a member of the press looking for information around the latest games, their release dates and technical information. If you feel that you want to invest in the company or are a current investor and need information around shares and financial information, the clear as mud email alias [email protected] will help you find what you need.